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This album is a compilation of nine original pieces composed over the course of about five years, plus a new orchestration of the Canon in D by Johannes Pachelbel. The music is based on my experiences at the American Youth Foundation's Camp Miniwanca in Michigan. The song title akuta kuwa is believed to be Omaha Indian, meaning "to seek again and again." This name was bestowed on the 1989 graduates of the AYF's National Leadership Conference, of which I was a member.
It is with great fondness and pride that I have dedicated this album to:

Jennifer, Cindy, and David
The Akuta Kuwa Class
Those who give life to a place called Miniwanca
Thanks to:

God, for what talent I may have
Wiley Rankin and Todd Benkert for suggestions and advice
Mom and Dad for support in undertaking this project
Everyone else who pushed me to get this album finished

Rick Wilson was born in 1970 in Wichita, Kansas. He has played viola in the Wichita Youth Symphony, Kansas State University Orchestra, and the Friends University Community Orchestra. He has been with each of these groups at various times when they have performed at the Kansas Music Educators' Association (KMEA) annual conventions in Wichita.

Rick has been composing music since 1984. In 1989, Rick was one of five finalists in the Claude T. Smith memorial music composition contest for high school students. All five finalists' works were performed at a concert at Southwest Missouri State University, which sponsored the competition. After the concert, the judges announced the competition winner, Fanfare for a Celebration by Rick Wilson. Rick currently plays viola with the Friends University Community Orchestra and a string quartet, and plays keyboards at Riverlawn Christian Church. Currently, there are two choices for hearing selections from ebb and flow. In Kansas, you can hear complete selections from the album on Radio Kansas' Nightcrossings on the following stations:

Hutchinson-Wichita area KHCC - FM 90.1
Salina-Manhattan area KHCD - FM 89.5
Great Bend-Hays area KHCT - FM 90.9

Or you may download sound clips in RealMedia 5 format:

Ebb and Flow 505 K .rm
Walking in the Mist  309 K .rm 
Seagull Dance 477 K .rm

If you would like to hear selections from this CD on a radio station in your area, send the station's contact information to Seagull Songs. New sound clip from upcoming project is here, with more expected soon...  Download the 770 K 60-second RealMedia file.

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I'm Program Director with the station, and thought you'd like to know that we'll be giving ebb & flow a lot more airplay in the coming months...we've had a chance to evaluate our Kansas artist selections, and I find your disc to be exemplary...you have a real feel for the genre.  Listeners will find not just a couple of tracks to enjoy, but excellent music from beginning to end. We have 8 (of ten) tracks in rotation, now. That is very, very unusual. That's like 3 CDs worth for most artists working the same territory.

Ken Baker, Program Director for Radio Kansas

If you have heard selections from ebb and flow and would like to send comments, please direct them to Rick Wilson.